Best Roadtrips from Dublin Airport

Need some inspiration for your next Ireland adventure?

“Roads were made for the journey – not the destination”

Perfect for the Day

Ireland has many wonderful places to explore from quaint friendly villages to wonderous National Parks. Being able to drive from one side of Ireland to another in just over 3 hours means there isn’t much out of reach for a day trip!

Our first destination is just an hour from Dublin Airport, and sets you within the heart of the Wicklow Mountains National Park . Head south on the M1 for around 2miles just outside Dublin Airport and then take the M50 again heading south to junction 12. Continue south on the R113 and then on to R115 for a total of 12 miles. This will take you through the beautiful scenic Wicklow Mountains. It’s a small winding road but full of peaks, fir trees and streams.

After a stop off to explore this beautiful part of the country it’s time to head further south to the historic town of Kilkenny.  A 1 hour and 30min drive to this wonderul town full of historic charm, good restaurants and local shops. Head East on the R759, before south on the N81 for a couple of miles. Turn right on the to L2026 and left again on to the R413. Once you reach the M9 go south for around 50miles to Junction 8 and East on the M10 to Kilkenny.

It’s around a 1 hour 30min drive back to Dublin Airport from here. Take the N10 Westbound for 6 miles and North on the M9 for around 60miles. Continue on the M and N7 roads to the M50 and head North and follow the signs to the Airport.

See the full Dublin Airport -> Wicklow Mountains -> Kilkenny -> Dublin Airport Map Route from Google Maps

Three Beautiful Places of Ireland Tour

This 8 hour roadtrip will need some stop offs, and stay overs along the way, but it’s the only way of really appreciate the beauty of Cork, Limerick and Galway.

First stop is a 3 hour drive to Cork from Dublin Airport. Head south on the M50 until the N7 and then M7. Continue South on the M8 down towards Cork. Your first stop is the third largest city of Ireland and home to 120,000 people. This glorious seaport is a great place to spend time exploring – don’t forget to check out Spike Island which is just a short boat ride away. After you have finished exploring Cork it’s time to travel north to the city of Limerick. The 1 hour and 30min drive directions are to take the N20 North to the M20 and follow the signs to Limerick. 

Limerick is not just the place of naughty ditties, it has everything from peaceful grounds, insightful tours, historic sites and also pub crawls and student nightlife. Check out some great things to do in Limerick

Last but by no means least we continue north for a 1 hour and 20min drive to Galway. Take the N18 North until the M18 and continue until the M6. Go West and follow the signs. Made even more famous by a certain song by Ed Sheeran, Galway is a stunning place of natural beauty. Cliffs, promenades and cruises await – along with a beautiful selection of shops and restaurants, and great nightlife.

Once you are ready to head back to Dublin Airport it’s a 2 hour and 15min drive. Take the N6 East and follow to the M6 for around 160 miles across Ireland. Continue east on the M4, and head north on the M50 just outside Dublin. Follow the signs to the airport.